31 Mar 2023


-14 Feb 2023


Nueva York Poetry Press proudly presents September Blue Jays by Hector Geager, a Dominican author from New York. This title just has been published under our new poetry series dedicated to works written in English, Into My Garden (Homage to Emily Dickinson).

We welcome Hector to NYPP & Review family. 



In this collection of existential poems, Hector Geager transports us into a kaleidoscopic universe, always in motion, filled with passing observations about twenty-first century living. Reflecting on love, life, and living, the poet draws from a wide variety of sources for inspiration including science and social media, technology and philosophy, the natural world and the Arts. The result is a unique collection of poems that mixes the intellectual with the whimsical, the social with the sensual, and nostalgia with the present, revealing our all too human desire to make sense of our existence.






Grassing in the tiny bubble, my universal bubble of low energy vacuum travelers in all directions for 14 billion light years from my heart to yours; another universe pulsating within soapy quasars.

Microwaved in dissociative personalities, pretending to be eagles simplistic cosmic inflation of their characters, which I direct to you in a never-ending dance of space and time, infinite bubbles of feathers and quirkiness displacing Big Bang with nothing special; only our sailing in the cosmic ocean, surfing the microwaves.





Madness disguised in sunsets orbiting mindlessly they can say... “He is a termite loss in time visiting universes, galloping on stars, who cares of visions and quantum, dark matters balancing the immortal pain in a kiss... dissolved in the corners of his thoughtfulness panting to get out, a fish”.





Echolocating you to identify your shape and rotation in the dark background of my iPhone I swoop around the screen of WhatsApp as bats orbiting and sending around high-pitched sounds, in Instagram waves after waves that bounce back to me at different intervals.


So, I learn your geometry, taste your texture, and draw your movements to know the tridimensional world of my existential threat, putting me at risk of extinction Copernican Model, Bayesian Probability calculations weaving an acoustic pattern.


Developing new sensing ability to map the geographic position of all your body’s parts.


Gaining insights into an environmental flexibility marked with emotional convolutions mouth clicking sounds cutting darkness in search of your two-dimensional image. Is species extinction time-varying me? Synthetic echolocation signaling an end inside another beginning.


GPSing, triangulating your posture in low frequency I feel your microwaved strength desolates me ad-infinitude in the stripes of your universe giving out the last breathable rivers and mountains, a sad cylinder without rotating spokes a cross-section of nothingness.




Thanks. Please log in to my heart. You will see some bubbles in your transaction history with me. Go to the top of my screen and choose the receiver bubble that you want to edit. Press Edit Receiver. That’s me. Make all the required changes to the receiver information (e.g., last name). Save Receiver button will remain inactive until at least one field is edited. Press Save Receiver to save all the changes. I miss your editing.





One mirror, behind the scenes

Play soccer kicking a point in timeless



If you want to prove your existence, solve

it by X

In multiverses your lives are the tentacles

of the octopus, growing in different


All similar, one universe submerged in

microwave backgrounds.


No need to explain mountains of


Sideral limitations, compensated by AI


Robotic replacement surveillance and


No waking up from the “bigger sleep of

never existing at all”



Thought experiments on existence and

essence: Sleeping Beauty in a

quantum suicide machine


No, there’s not probability to be alive

Can you wrap your thinking around all the

copies of ourselves infinitely out



Perhaps, we are only the suggestions of a

theoretical model full of high energy

and wind.



Hector Geager. Poet – Writer – International Speaker – Consultant. Mentor – Philanthropist. Professor of Leadership and education. Expert in the development of Critical thinking and Emotional Intelligence applied to Leadership. His Leadership work has made a great impact during these times of crisis on non-profit organizations. Professor Geager is recognized for his humanitarian work, his passion for teaching, and for helping others improve their lives through his educational and philanthropic work. Among his most recent accolades this year, he received a Doctor Honoris Causa (Madrid, 2021), The White House’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the SIMA’s Leadership and Humanitarian Awards (London, 2022). Works: Poemas en tránsito: El subway (2013), 30 Poemas y una bachata (2021).